PYRAMID SAIMIRA Group is ‘one of the market’s top players,’ in entertainment groups spanning across 6 countries (India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and the US). It is one of Asia’s largest entertainment groups with business interests in film production, TV content production, film distribution and exhibition. Being one of the largest movie theatre chains by number of screens and theatres operated in India and with its aggressive expansion in the movie industry, the company intends to focus its expansion to become the biggest movie exhibitor in the world.

Handling a broad range of national and international transactions, Pyramid Saimira ensures to stay at the creative front line both by developing new and innovative TV program, Film production and Theatre Exhibitions as well as by acquiring a strong identity as a ‘Branded Entertainment Group’

‘Pyramid Saimira Theatre Limited’ is a large Production Company. It is the parent company holding its group companies and supervises their management. It primarily operates in the exhibition space.

‘Pyramid Saimira Production International Limited’ the production wing of Pyramid Saimira Group has two major divisions

Film Production
TV Content Production
‘Pyramid Saimira Entertainment Limited, Singapore’ was established in Singapore for a particular purpose to establish

Interesting possibilities as a content agglomerator of India and will distribute them widely across the world using the technology and other resources like theaters, DVD’s, satellite television
To become a major content agglomerator for other contents for the Asia / Pacific region.
‘Pyramid Saimira Theatre Chain’ currently present in Malaysia and Singapore is the second largest theatre chain in Malaysia and is reportedly planned to become a leader being the single largest movie theater chain both in Malaysia and Singapore. The group is become one of the premier production, distribution and merchandising of VCD/DVD for several other languages being spoken in Malaysia.

‘Pyramid Saimira Entertainment America’ was formed in 2007. The Pyramid Saimira Group currently owns the largest chain of cinema theatres in Asia. The group has acquired a theatre chain company FunAsia that operates in USA and Canada. Aside from its central focus on cinema exhibition, the company also gives maximum amount of exposure subject to magazines, restaurants, radio stations and the Internet and much more which has a wider reach

‘Saimira Realty Private Limited’ has a vast amount of properties under its management and has expansion plans to acquire properties, develop the same for integrated entertainment, hospitality services, multiplexes etc. This Company was recently formed and has a major expansion plan to acquire more than 100 properties across South India.

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