Pyramid Saimira Theatre Limited believes in full transparent Corporate Governance philosophy. With a view to better Corporate communication with all its Shareholders, this Investors Section has complete and detailed information about the Company, by the Company and also by third party. The special feature of Investors Section is on Risk Analysis.


Pyramid Saimira is growing at such a phase which involves taking a higher amount of risk that comes naturally with aggressive growth. We are fully cognizant of this fact and as a measure of utmost honesty and transparency the Company has opened this “Risk Analysis” Section in its website, which contains the major risks as perceived by the Management and Management response to it. The Investors and other Stakeholders can post additional comments / queries in this section, which will be displayed without editing (only offensive language will be removed). The Investors are also allowed to open new topics to be displayed and other investors can comment on the same. This blog will be a transparent blog and is being done with a view enable investors in taking informed decisions to further invest, to stay invested or to disinvest in our stock. This is also meant to convey that the Company believes in taking all its stakeholders into full confidence regarding the developments and the risk factors associated with those developments. We are proud to state that probably we are the only company in the world, who have decided to take this transparent approach of providing a management platform to state the risk of the Company.